Visual Studio 2012 RC – unable to launch the configured visual studio development web server.invalid pointer

I was quite excited to try my new Visual Studio 2012 RC installation so decided to create a new web application. When I first try to run my application in debug mode (F5) I came across the following error

“unable to launch the configured visual studio development web server.invalid pointer”

The VS let me run the application without debugging which is quite annoying. The quickest workaround I could find, is as follows:

  • Run web application without debugging (CTRL+F5)
  • VS will launch your web application whichever web server have been specified. By default VS uses iisexpress which comes with VS 2012 RC
  • Now select Debug -> Attach to Process and select iisexpress.exe from the Available Processes list
  • Click Attach
  • Specify the break point in your code and you are ready to roll

As I mentioned above this is a quick workaround to the problem I came across and definitely not a recommended solution. I will post a better solution if I manage to find one but in case you see that I haven’t posted anything new on this topic and you know a better solution then, please, let me know. I will be over the moon, extremely glad and thankful to you …. in the mean time enjoy if my post helps you in any way!!!!

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