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Dynamics CRM – Issue with publishing reports for external use – System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: One or more data source credentials required to run the report have not been specified.

We have quite a few reports in Microsoft dynamics CRM 4.0 which are normally run from within CRM 4.0 without any issue. Some of the reports are added to SQL Reporting Server utilising dynamics CRM but are accessed externally from … Continue reading

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How to export more than 10000 records in CRM 4.0

I have been working on CRM 4.0 project for quite a while but recently our client asked us to enable them to be able to export more than 10000 numbers of records to Excel utilising CRM’s “Advanced Find” utility. CRM, … Continue reading

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Encountered an error hydrating edmx file

I have recently realised that after installing Visual Studio 2012 RC all the projects containing the edmx file fails to compile with the following message: – Encountered an error hydrating the EDMX file – Could not load file or assembly … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2012 RC – Error while trying to run project: invalid pointer

Previously I posted a workaround to launch a web application in debug mode here. I have come across a similar issue while running a console application in debug mode. This time the error description I came across was as follows: … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2012 RC – unable to launch the configured visual studio development web server.invalid pointer

I was quite excited to try my new Visual Studio 2012 RC installation so decided to create a new web application. When I first try to run my application in debug mode (F5) I came across the following error “unable … Continue reading

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